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Joe The Plumber Does Not Exist

If I hear another newscast about Joe the Plumber, I am going to lose my mind. Joe the plumber . . . does not really exist – there’s probably a dozen people in the same situation in America.

How many plumbers are faced with the problem of deciding whether or not to buy out the plumbing business they work for?

How many plumbing corporations even offer themselves for sale?

The entire premise is absolutely totally out to lunch.

Look, however somebody makes a quarter million dollars, they can afford to pay a little more in taxes than the rest of us.

If you don’t agree, as families live paycheck to paycheck . . . then you’re out to lunch as well

UPDATE: Turns out Joe the Plumber doesn’t even exist – at least in the sense that he will not make $250,000. Like I said . . . out to lunch.

UPDATE 3: Also looks like this genius is not registered to vote might be purged from voter rolls if he were a new voter because of a date entry error. Indeed, some people might attempt to purge him for “voter fraud.”

As most of you already know (I got home late) Joe the Plumber likes to criticize Obama for his tax plan, but he just hates taxes period (unless imposed by John McCain) – so he just doesn’t pay them.

Joe the plumber – also does not exist – because he’s not actually a plumber.

So can somebody tell me why anybody cares what’s on Joe-the-tax-owing-not-plumber-guy-who-gets-a tax-cut-from-Obama’s-plan-but-hates-it mind?



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Obama: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down!

Tonight I am so proud to have been an Obama supporter from the beginning. He killed it.

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This Debate Is Boring & Stupid

The format of the debate does not really allow good responses. This is just stupid. A smart middle schooler could give some of Palin’s answers – since she doesn’t have to defend their statements.

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Palin Speaks . . .

There’s a lot I could say. But, you know what?

I’ll just let Palin speak for herself . . .

That seems to be working well.

As Couric notes. If you support a right to privacy, you support Roe v. Wade.

Which means Palin’s statements cannot co-exist in the same reality.

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A Worthwhile Analysis of the Debate

From Mark Halperin:

Obama: A-
McCain: B-

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Debate Analysis: Victory!

The overall consensus, supported by the polls, is that Obama won the first debate:

“Who won the debate polls” are notoriously subjective, of course, so take them for what they’re worth. But according to three post debate polls, respondents think Obama got the best of things tonight:

CBS News: Obama won 39%, McCain won 25%, Draw 36%

Insider Advantage: Obama won 42%, McCain won 41%, Undecided: 17%

CNN: Obama “did better” 51%, McCain “did better” 38%

However, as noted by the above article, who won is hard to define.

You could judge it like a high school debate team, take into consideration expectations, take into consideration each candidate’s area of expertise etc. etc. etc.

At the end of the day Obama’s victory stems from the fact that this was supposed to be McCain’s best subject matter.

There’s room for improvement by Obama, but he successfully destroyed the idea that he cannot go toe-to-toe with McCain with ease.

Congratulations Obama and company!

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Obama Advice Vol. III: 90%

That number should be repeated, and repeated, and repeated every few minutes in tomorrow’s debate.

It can stand on it’s own, it can be made in passing while making a larger point, it can end a sentence or begin a sentence, but it must be repeated.

Obama is going to be painted as the “most liberal” senator, there’s no avoiding it.

Obama needs to nuetralize this attack by ramming home into the American consciousness that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time.

Moreover, if every American really accepted and thought about this fact it would be impossible for McCain to win the election. Bush is one of the most unpopular Presidents in history.

Now, simply repeating things until people hear it so much they believe it’s true is a Republican tactic many progressives might turn their nose up at.

Fine. This is not that. This is repeating and driving home something that is actually true.

As much as I love my boy Barack, sometimes he assumes just because he says something, and it’s great, everybody hears it the first time.

How many times have you been told so many different true things until you finally accepted them as undeniably true?

Obama campaign . . . you must drive home this number so that it is the thing, the one take away, people wake up thinking about the next day.

Do so successfully and this election is over.

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