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Obama: Hillary . . .I’m Looking Forward To You Advising Me

Remember this my friends . . . as told by Huffington Post.  Talk about foreshadowing . . .

Democratic candidates gathered in Iowa today for their final debate before the January caucuses. The overall feeling of the debate was cordial considering the recent heightened spats between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s respective campaigns.

The atmosphere tensed up briefly when Obama was asked what new foreign policies he could offer with a staff of so many ex-Clinton advisers.

Read the exchange from AP:

Hillary Clinton laughed out loud, and said with a smile on her face, “I’m looking forward to hearing that.”

Obama, also smiling, waited for the laughter to die down before saying, “Hillary, I’m looking forward to you advising me as well.

Watch it . . . love it.


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Senator Kennedy vs. Hillary Clinton On Flag Burning & The First Amendment

"If we set the precedent of limiting the First Amendment, in order to protect the sensibilities
of those who are offended by flag burning, what will we say the next time someone is offended
by some other minority view, or by some other person's exercise of the freedom the Constitution
is supposed to protect?" - Senator Edward M. Kennedy, constituent letter 1997 (link)

The quote reminds me of one of the many reasons I was not a fan of Hillary, even before
the election. For those who aren't aware, she supported a law making flag burning a criminal
 offense. Many believed she did so merely for political gain.  

I agree. 

 In fact, I'd like to hear her answer Senator Kennedy's hypothetical question . . .
for that matter. 

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Samantha Power Not A Wrap

Although it seemed she might be, she ain’t.

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How Will Clinton Look If She Turns Down Secretary Of State?

Last night at the bar my friend schooled me on why the Clinton pick for Secretary of State.  I’m now convinced it was.  Moreover, who the hell saw that coming?

And, as the pundits said it’s unlikely she would turn it down after the leaks about their meeting. I would think so, but the idea occurs to me that Obama might be even more savy than my conversation last night acknowledged.

Let’s say for a moment that Clinton turns him down.  She’s done more irrational stuff in the past, so although as my bar conversation last night concluded, it’s in her best interest to accept, she may not at the last moment (just like she did not concede after she lost the primary).

I think Obama’s six is pretty well covered. If Clinton turns him down, it kind of makes her look like an asshole.  Clinton supporters could no longer argue Obama somehow wronged her, was unfair to her, or didn’t  treat her with respect.

The fact that he extended the olive branch in such a huge way puts the future onus on her to return the gesture.

It’s hard to imagine somebody offered one of the most coveted jobs in the administration, turning it down, and then undercutting and maligning the person who offered it.

By offering it to Clinton, he also receives cover from attacks by Hillary supporters to select Richardson, now considered a traitor by the Clinton camp. They can’t really object to Richardson if Clinton was his “first choice.”

It may very well be, as is often true, that you offer things to people, but hope they don’t accept.

However, I think it’s probably more likely she’s just waiting to accept in order not to look desperate.

Personally, I hope she declines because I’m tired of hearing about and dealing with her and her weird issues.

I’m sure Obama is as well.

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Samantha Power A Wrap?

I hadn’t counted on it, but had hoped Samantha Powers would have a prominent role in the Obama administration, at least as an advisor.

That looks . . . less likely . . . in light of Clinton as Secretary of State, since she called Clinton, and I quote, “a monster.”

At the time, based on the kind of campaign she was willing to run, I agreed. Then again, I didn’t blurt it out as a member of a campaign based on hope and unity.

Maybe, she can still just advise Obama, without any interaction with Clinton.

It seems likely Clinton is less forgiving than Obama.

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Thoughts About Canvassing In Pennsylvania

First of all I want to recommend that anybody supporting Obama in a contested state get out there and go door to door for him. It’s just one day of one weekend of your time. You’ve probably spent the equivalent of 3-4 weekends of your life complaining about Bush.

It just does not make sense not to take action with the stakes so high.

Second, at least in Bristol PA where I was, there are plenty who support Obama, but few willing to volunteer for him. Thus, they ship New Yorkers in on the weekends. If you’re in a contested state PLEASE get out there and start canvassing. You’re a precious resource.

Third, and unfortunately, it is beyond doubt that there is a weird racial component to some people on the fence. I spent about twenty minutes talking with a woman, who said she was undecided, about her views.

I swear to you after she went on and on every single stance she had was in congruence with Obama.

Indeed, she gave a two minutes analysis of her frustration with the Iraq war that could have been Obama’s own words on the campaign trail.

And yet, she is undecided.

She was a Hillary supporter.

Given the almost identical stances of Obama and Clinton on the issues, this is a voter deterred by something entirely irrational: racism.

There’s more to say about this, but former Hillary voters for the love of God talk to your still unconvinced brethren.

To have a country continue down the path to self-destruction because people can’t get over race will be the saddest of the sad.

Obama/formerHillary supporters – talk to your brethren!

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F#$k Bill Clinton

I’m watching Bill Clinton on Meet the Press. Bill Clinton is the biggest f^&&* hater I have ever seen.

He’s basically repeating McCain talking points while saying the most minimally supportive things of Obama.

What a petty pathetic bitter man.

Chris Rock is with me.

And you know what, he’s doing it because he can’t accept the fact that somebody out there was better able to sense the political winds were changing than him.

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