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Could Obama Have Won If He Were Black . . . I Mean “Really Black”?



The rise of Obama into the White House is an amazing image to behold. A black man is now going to be President. It has an emotional effect on so many people of color, particularly black people.

And yet, it is worth thinking about whether America’s acceptance of blackness is really as complete as the election of Barack Obama suggests.

Part of Obama’s success and rise is rooted in the fact that he is not “really black,” but biracial. By biracial I mean that his parents were not both black.

Throughout the campaign you would often see images of his white mother and white grandparents. There were not really that many photos put forward by the campaign of his African father and relatives. In fairness to Obama, the white side of his family is the one that stayed around to raise him, but my point is still worth considering.

The real question is whether or not a black man or woman could become President without half of their family being white.

I feel that when white people look at biracial people, they say to themselves, well they’re half like me. Another cruder way of seeing it is “I was always potentially a wild night out on the town by my Mom from being born biracial myself.”

I guess my point, and call me pessimistic, is that a black person without white people as a major part of their family background, could not have won the Presidency in 2008.

Hopefully, I’m wrong though.

In any event, we’ve still come a long way with the Obamas.

For me, the most amazing transformational part of the Obamas in the White House, is Michelle Obama, as I’ll discuss in a future post.


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If You Don’t Vote Donate & Organize For Obama This Week You Have No Right To Complain About Politics For The Next Four Years

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Nelson Mandela On Democracy & Peace

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Malcolm X: Stop Hatin – Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

Food for thought . . . self-hatin is a problem in need of attention.

Folks . . . stop hatin.

Malcolm also gives the love to black women.

Food for thought from history – whether you generally agree with the man or not.

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The Black List: William Rice

Another clip from HBO’s the Black List:

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James Baldwin: On The Civil Rights Movement & Race In America

Anybody who gives any thought to race in America and what it means, should give Baldwin your ear for a few minutes. Brilliant mind, brilliant stuff.

I’m still thinking about the words.

If you’re too busy to watch the entire thing, you should listen to Baldwin’s last question (beginning at 5:23).

It’s still unanswered.

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