Where is Coolio Now?

So, a few weeks ago I featured Coolio on Black Thought’s Sunday Electric Relaxation.

A few days later I thought, whatever happened to Coolio?

The answer is sort of horrifying:

The levels of hell for a 15-minute celebrity vary greatly from level to tepid level. At the top, a failed celebrity appears on Dancing With the Stars. Next, his or her own reality show on VH1. Below that, a cameo in a comedy film. Moving further down, a video series on YouTube. On the next layer, the celebrity is ironically used in an Internet prank. Finally, the lowest of levels is having a video series on YouTube nobody apparently watches. Enter rapper and exile of “Gangster’s Paradise” Coolio, who can now lay claim to living in that last level, as he has a not-watched-a-lot cooking show on YouTube. (continue reading)

However, there may be some hope for our friend Coolio.  Last month his new show, Coolio’s Rules, debuted on the Oxygen Channel.  The channel’s description of the show says:

In the premiere season of “Coolio’s Rules,” we see what life is like for a not-so-average family. Rapper Coolio tries to balance his role as a musician, a bachelor looking for love, an entrepreneurial caterer, and a single parent raising four teenagers (Artisha 20, Brandi 20, Artis 18, and Jackie 15). But as Coolio quickly finds out, teenagers have their own way of doing things, and his irreverent methods of discipline sometimes cause more problems than they solve. The Coolio household is full of pitfalls that demand his attention and threaten to derail his business plans. (link)

That . . . does not sound interesting to watch, but hopefully, somehow it is.

Well, if none of these ventures work out, there is his upcoming book:

In 2008, Coolio is set to release a book of ‘gourmet ghetto’ recipes following the success of his culinary webisodes, Cookin’ with Coolio (link)

Lesson being, enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame.


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