Obama: F&!K You Nate Walsh

The Onion

The Onion

And as an avid Obama supporter I now also must hate Nate Walsh . . . wherever he is.

COLUMBIA, SC—In a nationally televised speech Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama altered his vision of a unified America to exclude Dayton, OH loser Nate Walsh.

According to Obama, the 32-year-old Walsh, who has lived with his parents intermittently since receiving his associate’s degree in 2001 and still does not have a credit card in his own name, no longer figures into the senator’s long-term plan of rallying Americans from all walks of life around a common, higher purpose.

“People of South Carolina, people of the world, this is our time, this is our moment,” Obama said before 72,000 supporters at the University of South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium. “That is, unless you live in apartment 3L at 1254 Holden St., you watched Money Train on TBS last night at 3 a.m., and your name is Nate Walsh.” (the Onion)

I should read the onion more it seems, that’s pretty good.

This seems like a response to viral video that went around saying you cost Obama the election.



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3 responses to “Obama: F&!K You Nate Walsh

  1. CiberC

    According to “The Onion” pre-elect actually cursed in front of a large audience of people he was speaking to in regards to this loafer?
    I don’t believe it!
    An elected official … saying “f*#@ someone” ??!!

    …and who is this Nate Walsh anyway?

  2. Obama would NOT say fuck you in front of that crowd. He has too much class for that shiggity.

  3. Obama would not say F**k you in front of a crowd b/c he is too classy for that shiggity.

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